Press Release: Sasquatch Mountain Resort

Press Release: Sasquatch Mountain Resort



Hemlock Resort has become Sasquatch Mountain Resort

 ( formerly Hemlock Resort )

Fraser Valley’s favourite alpine playground launches new name and logo

Sasquatch Mountain Resort, British Columbia – March 1, 2017: We are pleased to
announce that effective today, Hemlock Resort has officially rebranded as Sasquatch
Mountain Resort .

Sasquatch Mountain Resort , formerly “Hemlock Resort,” is located within Sts’ailes’ Traditional
Territory. The Sasquatch, which is an anglicized pronunciation of Sa:sq’ets, is the primary
caretaker of the land and an integral aspect of the Sts’ailes’ identity and spiritual beliefs.
Historical experiences with Sa:sq’ets have been orally documented and passed down from
generations to generations. The Sasquatch ensures that the land remains plentiful and well
taken care of.

There will be no disruptions to daily mountain operations during this time.

To celebrate the name change, over Spring Break (March 15 – 26th) children 12 years of age
and under can ski for free with a donation to the food bank.

Media Contacts:
Kevin Bourdin
GM, Hemlock Resort

Troy Bilodeau
Director of Operations, Berezan Hospitality Group

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