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Drink responsibly

Social and Community Responsibility

The Berezan Hospitality Group takes responsible drinking very seriously. We know that the majority of people do enjoy alcohol responsibly and we sincerely applaud them for doing so. Our job at Berezan HG is to continue to promote responsible drinking practices to all of our customers so that every day is a great day, and not a product of yesterday’s poor choices.

Legal Drinking Age: At Berezan Hospitality Group it is our responsibility to ensure that all of our customers are of Legal Drinking age in the province of British Columbia when purchasing our products both in our stores and online. Our policy of: We Make it a habit “WE ALWAYS ASK FOR 2 PIECES OF ID" is engrained in our corporate culture and we monitor this pledge regularly by means of secret shoppers and internal audits. We also carefully selected our online purchase delivery provider, Canada Post, based on their Age and identity ID verification system, which we also monitor closely.

Setting Limits: We want all of our customers to be aware of their personal limits and ensure they stick within them by adhering to Moderation and Responsibility. Being aware that alcohol affects all individuals differently depending on age, weight, and gender can assist in making the right choices for yourself. Setting a plan in motion by predetermining a limit and sticking to it is a great way to stay in control. Once you reach your pre-set limit, stick to it and stop drinking. You can control the pace of your alcohol consumption by alternating with non-alcoholic drinks. Never allow yourself to feel pressured by others to “just have one more”.

Entertaining: Because we are a Liquor Store chain whom sells products that are typically enjoyed at home, we strongly encourage our customer’s to be responsible hosts when entertaining guests. We suggest designating a bartender that can monitor the alcohol consumption of your guests and when required, stop serving to any individuals who are above their limit.

Anti-Drinking & Driving: The Berezan Hospitality Group is adamant about promoting safe transportation and anti-drinking and driving. There are multiple options available to avoid drinking and driving 100% of the time including, but not limited to: assigning a Designated Driver, taking a taxi cab or limousine, public transit, safe ride services etc.

Activities to avoid while consuming alcohol: There are certain times and activities where consuming alcohol should not ever be involved; which include:

  • Participating in sporting activities such as cycling, swimming, horseback riding, sailing, and other water sports.
  • Operating machinery
  • Operating any vehicle; including but not limited to land vehicles, sea vehicles, and aircraft
  • Working at height
  • When taking certain medications (your doctor or pharmacist can advise you)
  • When trying to conceive, pregnant or breast-feeding.

In closing, responsible consumption of alcohol is about control and moderation, which can be an enjoyable experience when handled correctly. If you are unable to drink alcohol responsibly, be honest with yourself and cease drinking alcohol all together.