Simply Authentic Vanilla

Simply Authentic Vanilla is a 100 percent pure vanilla extract brewed using only top-quality Back Patio Vodka and Madagascar Grade “A” vanilla beans—the very best on the market.

  • All Natural ingredients
  • Delicious authentic taste
  • Ideal for all of your Baking and Cooking Needs
  • Reusable bottle & vanilla beans
  • Easy to make your own great tasting Vanilla for up to 10 years!

Vanilla made the Authentic way as it was before Prohibition and the invention of Imitation Vanilla Extract.


Simply Authentic Vanilla is also your extract starter kit.

  1. Simply move one-third of your extract to a new container for everyday use.
  2. Top off the bottle with new vodka (leaving the vanilla beans). Do this approximately every 9 months for a continuous supply of vanilla extract.