Witch Craft Vanilla Extract

Witch Craft Vanilla Extract is a 100 percent pure vanilla extract brewed using only top-quality Back Patio Vodka and Madagascar Grade A vanilla beans—the very best on the market.


Witch Craft Vanilla Extract is also your extract starter kit. Simply move one third of your extract to a new container for everyday use. Then top off the bottle with new vodka (leaving the vanilla beans). Do this every 9 months for a continuous supply of vanilla extract, lasting 7-9 years!

Real vanilla extract was made this way until Prohibition when there was a run on vanilla due to its alcohol content. Suppliers made an imitation that is still used today! Witch Craft Vanilla Extract takes us back to the pure truth, now you can use real vanilla extract in all of your potions and creations!

• Natural ingredients
• Reusable bottle & vanilla beans
• Lasts up to 10 years
• Easy to make
• Delicious authentic taste